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?Write a 10 page with out the appendix , double spaced paper addressing your case study. Charts and graphs should be placed in an Appendix and are not part of your page count.

? Write your paper from the perspective of a consultant who has been hired by the company to provide recommendations to solve the problem(s) laid out in the case study.

? As part of this paper, you must apply multiple concepts that have been covered during this class and apply them to your chosen case study.
So for example, a recommendation based on supply chain management would be appropriate for the paper; a recommendation based on a new marketing plan would not.

? Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.

Identification of Operations Issues (20%)
Identify operations issues that we have discussed during the course of the semester that the company in your case is facing.
Analysis and Evaluation of OM Issues (30%)
Discuss how the identified issues are affecting the company and what options the company has to address the issues from an operations perspective.
Recommendations – Application of theory & analysis and utilizing OM Strategies (40%)
Provide clear and actionable recommendations for how the company should address the issues facing them. These recommendations should be based in Operation Management strategies that we have discussed during the course of the semester.
Form and Presentation (10%)
Your paper should be organized in a clear and professional manner.

The reference is:
Heizer, Render. (2013). Operations Management. Prentice Hall. 11th edition

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