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Extra Learning Options
Film: Standing in the Shadows of Motown by Paul Justman
Film: “Festival!”: Filmed at the Newport Folk Festival by Murray Learner
course material topics:
• Rock and folk-rock
• Soul music
• The marginalization of country music

ou will want to briefly summarize the material you read/what you saw in the film (see the course syllabus for the list of approved articles and films) and/or what you saw at the concert you attended (concert must have taken place during the quarter), and then discuss how it relates to the course material. Follow the same general format of the lesson board posts.

In order to earn credit for ELOs, you must:

1.Write an original discussion board post of 150-300 words summarizing the work or experience, and relating it to course material (6 points).

2.Respond to two other students (2 points per response): Read the posts of other students, and thoughtfully respond with questions, suggestions for further consideration, or your own insights.

For each discussion board post (including lesson boards and the experiential learning discussion board) please follow this format:

Each posting should be about 150-300 words.
If you quote a source, you must cite the source. MLA (Modern Language Association) style is the standard format for citations in the arts and humanities. Please see http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ (Links to an external site.) for guidelines.
If you express your opinion, give examples of what you like/don’t like, and describe the reasons for your opinion. “I love this,” or “That’s really ugly,” is not sufficient!
You are encouraged to include links to audio or video examples to support your argument (note that “argument” simply means the position you are taking regarding the topic, or the theory you are proposing. It doesn’t mean yelling and insults.).
Avoid inflammatory words and phrases. There are always substitutes you can use. If you disagree with another student’s writings, say specifically why. You are free to express your opinion about what they have said, but not to attack the writer. Quoting outside sources (again, cite your sources!) or offering examples will help support your argument.

response to the post 1:
On September 28th, I attended a concert put on by LANY.
Concert Summary: This is a pop band from Los Angeles. I was actually not very familiar with their music, but a friend wanted to take me. This is only a three man band, but they produce a very large sound by using backing tracks, reverb pedals, and drum pads. The backing tracks were made obvious at one point in the end of the show when there was a glitch and the wrong song’s backing track started playing over the end of the song they were playing. It took a bit for them to figure out what was going on, but they eventually figured it out. Overall, it was a very entertaining concert and it was fascinating to see how they achieved their sound with only three musicians.
Course Material: This concert related to course material we are learning about mostly in song structure and form. A lot of their songs followed the AABA format in a verse-chorus form. This style is common in pop music and allows easy listening for the audience. Verses take up most of the song and the choruses exist to contrast the verses. The reason this is common in pop music is because it is catchy and easy to follow.

response to post 2:
On October 6th, I attended a concert put on by Sam Feldt,
Concert summary:
Sam Feldt is a DJ from the Netherlands. I was only somewhat familiar with his music before I attended the concert. I went because I typically enjoy listening to artists that are similar to Sam Feldts’ style. It is interesting to see how concerts have changed through the years, from a full band with instruments ranging from drums to a microphone, to a single man jumping up and down with his laptop. Overall, I really enjoyed the concert it was interesting to see how Sam Felt produced his sound through use of electronic equipment instead of traditional instruments.
Course Material:
This concert relates to course material because the type music Sam Feldt plays is a prime example of technology changing the types of sounds that can be produced. Music can now be produced electronically, leading to an entirely new sound of music. This is similar to the invention of the electronic microphone. The electronic microphone allowed artists to sing softer, as well as develop the singing technique called crooning. The technological advance of the electronic microphone changed music and the production of sounds. As technology progresses, new sounds are created and music evolves.

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