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Environmental Justice

For this reflection, discuss how the narratives in Braiding Sweetgrass compare to, illustrate, diverge from the principles in one or more of the academic environmental justice readings we looked at in this class.

Grading Rubric Critical analysis (4pts) These reflections are an opportunity to make meaning of the concept of environmental justice within your own life and as a critical component of social justice work more. Be critical, be self-reflective, be imaginative, be creative, connect. Do not simply summarize the readings.

Overall clarity (4pts) You must engage with at least one of the readings each week. You must engage with the concepts of the course in some way. As much as this is an exercise in your own thought, you must clearly articulate these thoughts to others. I must be able to follow along with your ideas; thus, you need to consider how they flow together and are connected to one another. These are not just stream-of-consciousness pieces. They can, absolutely start out that way, but edit and refine them before you turn them in.

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