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Assignment 3
Chapter 5:  Critical Thinking Questions (page 146) Be sure to use textbook as a means to support your position(s).  Use APA guidelines in your writing, which include a title page, a reference page, 1′ margins (top, bottom, left and right), subheadings/headings (bold).

1.  Four-drive theory is conceptually different from Maslows needs hierarchy in several ways. Describe these differences. At the same time, needs are based on drives, so the four drives should parallel the seven needs that Maslow identified (five in the hierarchy and two additional needs). Map Maslows needs onto the four drives in four-drive theory.

4.  You just closed a deal with an organizational client, and this helps you achieve the target that was set for you by the unit. Use expectancy theory to discuss how the events that will follow may increase your motivation and engagement.

7.  Most people think they are worth more than they are paid. Furthermore, most employees seem to feel that they exhibit better leadership skills and interpersonal skills than others. Please comment on this human tendency.

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