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This is a Hands-On Project:



Your work of art will be composed of two “selfies” (be sure to read the definition above, even if you are aware of the term), wherein you visually identify your two identities and their relationship to each other.  Think about how you will portray your identities visually.  Think about the relationship between your two identities.  How will you show the connection between your identities within your two photos?  How will the two photos balance one another?  As with any “selfies”, you will want to take multiple shots until you get the ones with the desired effects.  Be creative!  Be sure your selfies meet the following requirements:

1. minimum of two props or identifying symbols in each photograph

2. wardrobe must differ in each photograph

3. background and/or location must differ in each photograph

4. photographs must be taken by you (can use camera timer) specifically for this project (previously taken selfies don’t fulfill the requirement)

5. You can create something in a different medium (paint, drawing, sculpture) but please keep the premise in mind.  

After completing the works of art, you can combine them using a layout app or cut and paste them onto a Word Document or PDF WITH your written portion of the project, explained below. 


The text must be in essay format with an introduction, body, and conclusion.  It should be around 500 words.  The essay should focus on:

· explanation of each of your dual identities (subject matter)

· explanation of the relationship between the identities

· discussion of the process of creating the photographs

· exploration of the meaning of the experience to you


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