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FAS 202 Milestone One

 : For Milestone One, you will introduce the works you have selected to analyze. First, choose a pair of works from the List of Comparisons (linked to in  your online course). PLEASE CHOOSE “SELF PORTRAIT” T BY JUDITH AND THE TWO FRIDAS BY FRIDA KAHLO. Works must be chosen from this list of comparisons. For each work, include an image of the work and one paragraph that identifies the  artist, title (in italics), date, medium, dimensions, stylistic movement, cultural origin, and current collection (i.e., Where the work is housed? This could be a museum, a gallery, or a private collection). Finally, formulate a main argument/thesis statement in which you explain the relationship between your chosen works. You will also  want to think ahead to the final project and find a third, contemporary popular culture reference or work of art that connects to this theme and the two historical works of art. 

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