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Feasibility Study of a Development/Redevelopment Project

Read Assignment 5 guidelines attached and notes below. I already chose the location (please see attached). I already did research part of ESRI Business Analyst Online. If I am missing anything please let me know.

I’d like to make a few suggestions on Assignment 5 when you work on it:

1. Have more specific details by looking at the 5-minute and 10-minute drive-time characteristics. You can even look at the characteristics for the 5/10/15 minute walk time, depending on the nature and target market of your development.

2. Look at the market potential profiles compiled by ESRI Business Analyst Online to help justify your market feasibility analysis.

3. Look at the tapestry segmentation profiles compiled by ESRI Business Analyst when conducting the market feasibility analysis.

4. Use the HUD excel models for financial analysis of your project. Then calculate the NPV, IRR, and profitability indices to further justify financial feasibility.

5. Describe the site, such as location, zoning, size, etc. before you get into everything else. Some of you did not do so for your Assignment 4.

6. Fully take advantage of the data reports, maps, and charts provided by ESRI Business Analyst.

7. Don’t simply copy and paste long tables from ESRI BAO into your report. Some long tables are not readable and have excessive information. The tables can be downloaded as Excel files. Choose part of the data and create tables or charts of your own.

8. Make sure your maps and charts are readable.

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