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Final Creative Project

Final Creative Project %u0432%u0402%u201C
Students will choose one item of interest from our readings or discussions, i.e. a specific person, incident, artwork, literary work, philosophy, etc. and using that specific item, will create their own retelling or interpretation. For example, the student can write a short play, a poem, or song lyrics describing the specific item that you have chosen. For instance, in the past, I%u0432%u0402%u2122ve had students write a poem/lyrics about a specific artwork, person or philosophy that inspired them, a few students even recorded them singing and playing their song. I%u0432%u0402%u2122ve had some students do a 21st %u0432%u0402%u201Ccentury reinterpretation drawing of an artwork that we studied in the course and how it this translates to you now in the 21st century. I want you to be as creative as possible and most importantly have fun and make this a representation of YOU. And if you need ideas please let me know and I will help you brainstorm!
Please post your projects in this weeks discussion forum either as a word document, pdf or jpeg, or copy and paste.
This is the only thing you need to do this week! And, you do not need to comment on your classmates projects unless you want to!
As always please contact me if you have ANY questions or need some advice on things you can do. And of course have FUN with this! Anything goes! 🙂

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