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“forming” your own Michigan nonprofit corporation

You will be “forming” your own arts and/or cultural Michigan nonprofit corporation.
All documents should be compiled in the order as outlined below, with a cover page and tabs.

Your final documents must include the following:
1, Form Nonprofit Corporation (25 points)
Run a Business Entity Search to ensure that the name of the nonprofit corporation is not already in use, and include proof of said search.
Draft the Articles of Incorporation using the Michigan Department of Licensing and Reglatory Affairs form number CSCL/CD-502. Include tax-exempt language required by the IRS.
Create a “check” for the proper fee amount.

2, Apply for Employer Identification Number (EIN) (10 points)

Apply for an EIN for your nonprofit corporation using the online IRS Ein application form. Go through the process to “print the page for your records” but do not hit the Submit button, which will actually generate an EIN.
Apply for an EIN for your nonprofit corporation using form SS-4

3, Draft Bylaws (50 points)maybe 3 pages
Include provisions required by the IRS (e.g., dissolution).
The bylaws must be signed and dated as approved by the Board of Directors.
4, Apply for Tax-Exempt Status – submit Form 1023 (150 points)
you had finished this part, just need fill the part 2 section 5, part 5 section 5(a), part 7 section c, 6 (a) and 15
Draft Form 1023.
Create a “check” for the proper fee amount

5, Apply for Tax-Exempt Status – submit Form 1023-EZ (50 points)
Complete Questionnaire from Form 1023-EZ Instructions to “determine” eligibility (assume you will be eligible, i.e., your gross receipts will now be less than $50,000).
Draft Form 1023-EZ.
Create a “check” for the proper fee amount

6, Draft Initial Solicitation Form for the Attorney General’s Office (40 points)

I will upload the clear statement about this assignment. If you have any questions, let me know ASAP. Because I ONLY HAVE TWO DAYS like what I told you before.

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