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gulf cities

1- on the gulf cities in the 21 century (this question has 3 parts)

a- why are there trophy buildings ,huge architectural experiments and mega-projects in GCC cities, according to Andrew Gardener? what purposes or functions do they serve ?

b- Can you describe and explain why Gardener considers these projects a way of recycling national wealth to the benefit of the individual GCC economies ?

c- Gardiner mentions that there are “zones of foreign in in matter” and “zones of local matter” calling the former zones of “patchwork ( or limited or reduced) sovereignty .” that is there are zones where the laws of the GCC countries are not enforced. please explain why these exist given the labour regime in GCC cities . Try to tie these zones to parts #1 and #2 above.

2- on problem with migration and migrant populations (this question has 1 part )
a- what are the problems face by migrant labor in the gulf and how can these problems be solved

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