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HandBuilding with Clay

For this paper you will be researching and writing on handbuilding with clay.

1. Describe the three primary methods of handbuilding with clay.
2. Research Yixing teapots traditional building method and describe it.
3. Research J?mon pots traditional building method and describe it.
4. Research creating tiles by hand and describe that method(s).
5. Write a conclusion.

You will complete an essay of 500 to 1000 words. Grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage are important. You may use online sources as appropriate, but at least three sources other than Wikipedia must be used and cited. Make sure to cite any quotes or paraphrasing in MLA format and include works cited at the end of each research paper. Please proofread you work when you are done! Once finished, please upload the document to the appropriate dropbox.

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