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I have to do two pages in a group assignment. the assignment is to talk about a company, in this case HBO Now and see how they are doing currently and how they can expand I HAVE TO WRITE 2 PAGES on how THEY CAN IMPLEMENT THOSE CHANGES INTO THE COMPANY AND THE MARKET, AND OR MARKET THEIR NEW IDEAS. ( No 5 in Outline)


1. Background
2. HBO Now
3. Competitors/Comparison
4. New extension
Get on Android ( currently only available on IOS)
Go International ( currently only available in the US)
Create new content (Ex Game of Thrones interactive content. HBO should create an interactive app for Game of Thrones audience to interact with one another and have a relationship as fans.)

5. Implementation
• How to implement the changes in HBO itself
• How to market to the consumer

6. Charts

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