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Hospitality Industry MIS practices

Watch the video “2016 Dining Trends Survey” by Zagat (a major restaurant review company and the original provider of the user-generated content) at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D34krsvx5GA.
The annual survey by Zagat (since 1979) has provided a good source of secondary data for restaurants on dining habits. The last report was published in 2018 (Pre-COVID). In 2018, Google sold off Zagat to restaurant review site https://www.theinfatuation.com/
Find an article or video about a hospitality company’s current practice (in the past 3 years) related to marketing information system (MIS) or marketing research.  Provide the link and comment on the effectiveness of the practice. The press releases on company websites are good sources. The following links can particularly be useful:

(Links to an external site.)www.hospitalitynet.org (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)www.hotel-online.com (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)www.nrn.com (Links to an external site.)

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