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How One Text Informs Another

Authors often rely on literary allusions to make their stories richer and more interesting. Examine how the author uses one or more literary allusions in the development of the story. You might talk about theme, symbol, character, tone, etc. Include research about the literary allusion from Academic Databases available through the ACC library. You may NOT use Internet sources, such as Wikipedia or Sparknotes. Any use of general references will result in a failing grade. The outside sources will provide support for your interpretation. A short summary A thesis statement that explains how the author uses the literary allusion in the story Paragraphs that summarize and explain the literary allusion, analyze how the writer uses the literary allusion in the story, explain what makes the allusion significant or important to the story’s theme supporting quotations from the primary source (the story) supporting quotations from one secondary sources (the discussion of allusion)

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