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HRM Practices and Innovation Management- Mediating Role of Knowledge Sharing: Evidence from Emirati ICT Industry

Dear Writer,
Please, I need the below:
1. A literature review of at least 50 references
2. All references should be from SCOPUS list Journals.
3. All references should be from A, A*, and B journals only.
4. All used references should be recent which means the publication date is not more than 3 years back (Between 2013 to 2016)
5. Don’t reuse a reference more than twice
6. Make sure to support the idea in one paragraph with more than once reference.
7. Cover the following headings and make sure to show the research gap while writing the sections and link the sections together to support the idea of the research which is the impact of HRM practices on Innovation mediated by knowledge sharing in the ICT Sector.
8. Sections of the Literature Review:
8.1. ICT industry in UAE
8.1.1. • The importance of human resource management practices, knowledge sharing, and innovation for ICT industry in UAE. With Examples.
8.1.2. • Human Resources Management Practices Definition and history Importance of HRM Practices HRM Practices in this study: Recruitment and selection Training and development Appraisal Compensation practices
8.1.3. Knowledge Sharing Definition Importance Types of Knowledge: Explicit knowledge sharing Tacit knowledge sharing
8.1.4. Innovation Definition Importance Indicators Types of Innovation: Product innovation Process innovation Administration innovation
8.1.5. Human Resource Management Practices and Innovation Management
8.1.6. Human Resource Management Practices and Knowledge Sharing
8.1.7. Knowledge Sharing and Innovation Management
8.1.8. Human Resource Management Practices, Innovation Management and Knowledge Sharing

Please ensure to balance the content between different chapters and focus on the last four main sections.

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