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Traditionally, the activities of labor unions have supported the development of gains for the American worker. As labor unions negotiate with management, those gains set a standard for other non-union organizations. The U.S. has enacted a number of laws that protect workers such as the Civil Rights Act, Equal Pay Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act. In this assignment, you will explore some of the major U.S. labor laws.

Prepare an 8001000 words that addresses following:

  • What is a yellow dog contract as described in the NorrisLaGuardia Act of 1932? 
  • What was the purpose of the Wagner act of 1935? 
  • Compared to the NorrisLaGuardia Act of 1932 and the Wagner Act of 1935, what impact did the TaftHartley Act of 1947 have on labor unions? 
  • Do employment laws replace the need for labor unions? Are these acts still relevant in today’s business environment? Why or why not?

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