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Identify and discuss what course requirements in my entire degree program helped me understand complex systems and how I collaborated with others in these systems.

Write a reflection essay to show evidence of your understanding of how nurses practice in AND collaborate with others in various complex systems. Complex systems come in various shapes and forms. There are hospital systems, billing systems, diagnostic centers, educational platforms, financial and budget programs, simulation, admission and discharge, medication administration, history taking, and many others. Practitioners must integrate
theories and knowledge learned from coursework to provide evidence-based and quality practice and care that is ethical, racially-specific, and socially-equitable; reflect relevant healthcare policy, collaboration with other healthcare professionals or community stakeholders; and, based on social determinants of care, that is individualized to various types of clients, families, communities and organizations.

*** Please make sure the essay cites at least three excellent and diverse artifacts that demonstrate the student’s understanding of various collaborative complex systems where practitioners must integrate theories and knowledge learned to provide evidence based and quality practice and care that reflect healthcare policy, ethical, competent care to individuals, families, communities and organizations. A wellwritten reflective narrative, no longer than two (2) pages, double-spaced, 1 margin on all sides, is included documenting how these assignments helped the student meet this outcome.

(The 3 artifacts have been uploaded below you will need to open and view them in order to do this assignment)

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