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International Business Strategy



– Requirments

Select an industry of (medicine), e.g (Pfizer)
*E.g. The (Medicine)  industry in the middle east, focusing on the strategic group of chronic diseases medicines.

      Submit a written report as per the following format:

1. Overview analysis of the industry: (or strategic group within the industry). Please undertake research to determine the structure of the industry within the country you are examining. Multiple sources of evidence should be critically analyzed and presented in a clear and easily understandable format for the class and the report. For example, industry overview in global and country context, number and size of firms, industry life cycle, etc. (Hint: consider using some form of infographics).

2. Industry competitiveness analysis: clearly present the competitive structure of the industry. At a minimum, the five forces framework and strategic group analysis should be used in your analysis.
-You can mention the process of supply chain strategy as well…   

3. Analyse and identify key resources and capabilities utilized by firms within the industry to achieve sustainable competitive advantage (SCA): Clearly present some of the firms within the industry that have SCA based on the development and utilization of their resources and capabilities. An overview of the industry and clear examples using (VRIO) model will be needed. What are the key resources and capabilities needed to be successful?

4. Institutional-based view of the industry: What are the formal and informal rules of the game when operating in the industry being analyzed? Give clear examples of how formal or informal institutions would impact on firms operating in the industry within the chosen country.

5. Conclusion and recommendations: From the analysis undertaken by your study, what overall recommendations would you make to firms interested in entering this industry? What are the advantages and disadvantages of entering this industry? As a consultant what advice can you give?   



1- Overview of industry
*Historical development
*market structure
*regulations governing operations
*Size, growth, main firms, market position, and share

2- Industry Competitive Analysis (future focus)
*Identify key future trends (use PESTEL)
*How competitive environment is going to change (use 5 force)
*Strategic groups and their strategy
*External shocks 

3- Key Resources and Capabilities
*What key R&C required to compete
*Criticality of R&C
*How easy to obtain/ develop/ protect (use VRIO)
*Value chain structure and application of R&C

4- Institutions formal & informal
*Rules, regulations impacting operations
*Informal rules impacting operations
*Perceptions and expectations from customers

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