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Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

-Please make sure that you answer each question with AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE. -You may use other sources to back up your responses (internet, books, journals, etc.). -Please keep in mind that I want to see GRAPHS and EQUATIONS IN EACH QUESTION. Questions: 1. Please discuss the Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) model. Be sure to define and describe this specific definition of cash flows. Please provide an example with numbers. 2. Please describe the relative valuation approach to estimating the value of a stock (using the P/E ratio approach). Be sure to discuss how to estimate sales, profit margins, and earnings multipliers. Provide an example using your own numbers (it could be from one of stocks). 3. Please describe the difference between growth stocks and value stocks. Growth stocks make good investments, do you agree with this statement? Be through in your discussion. ***Please allocate at least 6 pages for each question.

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