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IS Integration

Reflect on the three competencies of this course in 500 words. Consider how they might directly apply to your life and work environment when answering the questions below. 

Competency 1: 

Describe factors and methods for evaluating IT sourcing options as they align with strategy and architecture 

Competency 2: 

Explore integration between IT leadership roles and system acquisition options.

Competency 3: 

Develop metrics to measure the value of information systems and technology.

Reflect on the following questions in a minimum of 500 words.

Question #1:

How could you utilize ways to improve the partnership and strategy alignment between the overall business and the IT department within your own work environment? Think of a situation in which having a decision guide to help analyze a complex decision would have been advantageous. Provide an example, either within your work environment or in society at large, of when calculating ROI for a project had an impact on the organization or its understanding of the value of its initiatives. 

Question #2:

What specific assignments or learning activities from this course did you find particularly beneficial? What do you feel could have improved or added to your learning experience in this course? 

Submit your reflection.

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