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Jerzy Grotowski

Theorist Presentation about Jerzy Grotowski.

Foundational Focus:
Purpose: artistic and socio-political (if applicable);
Cultural influence and/or historic background; and
Language and terminology necessary to understand the techniques or methodologies.
Audio and visual images to support work i.e. influences; and 
Examples of works:  plays, video excerpts, audio excerpts.
Skills required of the actor. Be specific and distinguish from other acting techniques or methodologies;
What training is necessary to create performance work as defined by the theorist you have researched? Be specific and distinguish from other techniques or methodologies;
What process is defined or emphasized in rehearsals and how would an actor prepare for this?
present a minimal of  two exercises that would be of benefit to actors developing a familiarity with the techniques and/or methodologies that you are presenting
exercises must be clearly and carefully set up in they are to be successful

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