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Description: Each journal entry should contain descriptions and analyses of arts experiences you have undertaken on your own as part of the course. These should include accounts of at least two visits virtual or real to exhibitions of visual art, and at least two attendances virtual or real at performances. They should include your responses to assign visits and attendances, as well as to those you choose for yourself.

These entries will, of course, demonstrate that you have done the required homework. They should also show that each week you have attended at least one show and visited at least on exhibition that you choose for yourself.

To get a good grade, you should also show that you have prepared for these experiences in advance by doing research. They should also show that you have understood and applied theoretical material and background introduced in class. They should also show that you observed the work carefully, and gave it your full attention.

Each journal entry should be of roughly 750 words. They can be informal you can use I. But they should carefully organized, written, referenced, and proofread. They should also show evidence of research, careful observation, analytical insight, understanding of class material, and emotional and intellectual engagement.

Rubric for weekly journal submissions






Descriptive content


Informative, accurate, precise, coherent description. Careful, thorough, inventive research. Close and accurate observation.

Sound observation without individual perspective or full engagement. Unimaginative but thorough research.

Generalities unsupported by specifics. Thin research. Inaccurate or casual observation.

Vague or unclear description. No research.  Ignoring the brief.

Writing about what you did not experience. Plagiarism.

Analytical content


Thoughtful, original, persuasive critical analysis. Appropriate use of research and theoretical material from class. Generalizations supported by appropriate and precise evidence.

Sound critical analysis using research and theoretical material from class. Generalizations supported by evidence.

Analysis shows some failure to understand critical concepts or to integrate research. Generalizations not always supported by evidence.

Theoretical confusion. Unclear writing. No evidential support for generalizations or value judgements.

Writing about what you did not experience. Plagiarism.



Elegant and precise writing, thoughtful editing, meticulous proofreading. References provided where appropriate in accordance with Hult style manual

Generally clear writing, editing, proofreading. References provided where appropriate.

Some unclear writing. Sloppy editing and proofreading. References missing.

No evidence of revision or proofreading. No references.

Word porridge or plagiarism.

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