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Literary Analysis of The Five People You Meet in Heaven by by Mitch Albom

Step 1: Read the book via link:


Step 2: As youre reading, gather textual evidence as this will be used in the essay.
– Identify common themes, repetition, and patterns
– categorize elements, tone, and narrative style
-highlight characterization, setting, and foreshadowing
– label character types, symbols, and metaphors

Step 3: Pick a topic for the main literary element, the essay will be based upon one of these topics:
– characters
– themes
– literary devices
– setting
– narrative

Brainstorm and outline which topic will work best for the essay. Include different aspects on the topic.

Important: Please make a relevant thesis statement that relates to modern day issues and concepts. Please consider this focus when writing the essay:

As the journey of life unfolds, young adults consider the many paths that they might forge and explore. Along the path are turning points and transitions that result in growth and transformation, new and altered roles, and different responsibilities (personal, family, academic, career, social). Adults, as they mature and age, confront the complexities of changing identities and expectations. The opportunities and obstacles encountered shape the realization of the present and the achievements of the future with dreams fulfilled, dreams deferred, and dreams denied.

No plagiarism, grammar errors, etc. Please use proper punctuation and sentence structure. This essay needs to be strong in all areas. thanks

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