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Literature summaries

Hi, i am studying anthropology and i am currently planning my fieldwork for my dissertation class. As part of my work i need to include literature summaries of anthropological methods used in the research aswell as literature that links to my work, in this case religion and community, as i am studying churchgoers at my local church.

Please follow the following guideline;
1. Max 300-350 words on the actual literature summary
2.considering the word count it would be best to split it 5 different summaries. Remember to summarise one reading for each summary!

Split it up like this ;
please summarise the key parts that the author outlines in regards to the topic i point out for each summary
1.writing ethnographic fieldnotes (emerson:1995)
2.what is participant observation and its usefulness
3.reflexivity- what ethical issues needs to be considered when one enters the field of research
4. Religion- Emile durkheims thoughts on religion and how his work is useful in anthropology when studying people who are religious.
5. Community- discussion of concepts, social relationships and sentiments (vered amit:2002)

I will upload readings that i have to use but in the case that i do not you can use readings in your disposal but please remember to stick to anthropology and the topics i have outlined for each section it is a MUST!
for the participant observation section it would be useful to use readings from Malinowski but any other is also useful for the community section if in the case you do not have access to the reading I have outlined then find one similarly to it.

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