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Macroeconomy Analysis

There are two parts in this attached file. First part you need to find a cuurent event that occuring within this three months and connect the news with the explanation of first part about aggregate demand. Second part is comparing essay that almost complete, but only need a single paragraph of conclusion.

1. Please find and scan the news outlet about aggregate demand; the outcomes MUST be based entirely on YOUR own CRITICAL THINKING perspectives as derived from the macroeconomy. This is NOT A SUMMARY, so plase ANALYZE the news THOUGHTFULLY. Then make the connection to the explanation of the Aggragate Demand in file attached.
2. Don’t forget to write a conclusion at the end of the paper and underline the thesis statement at the end of the 1st paragraph.
3. For this critical thinking, please write atleast 750 words.

4. After that, please help me to write a conclusion paragraph at the end of the analysis paper in the file attached (the one that comparing two articles) for atleast 70 words.

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