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Macronutrients and Antioxidants


Step 1: Go to the link below to watch a video that reviews the current (as of 2019) scientific perspective on antioxidants


Step 2: Research the topic below.

Topic: Macronutrients and Antioxidants

Step 3: For your paper, include the following information:

Among the information sources that you choose, include at least two Primary or Secondary research articles or research reviews on the topic published within the past five (5) years.
Provide in-text and end-of-text citations in a standard format (APA citation style).
Summarize what you learned from your reading and research.
Provide a well-integrated summary that draws from all the sources you used for your research.
A well-integrated summary interleaves information from all sources, rather than providing separate summaries for each cited source.
Discuss how the information in your research compares with the content in the video.
Discuss consistencies and inconsistencies between your research findings and information in the video.
Based on your research findings, provide at least two distinct key takeaway lessons about free-radicals or antioxidants that could be helpful for readers to know.

Word Limit: 500 words or less, single-spaced, excluding end-of-text citations

Step 4: Cite the full citation of your information sources. Include URLs when you cite a resource from the internet. Cite your sources using the APA 7th Edition.
Use only credible sources including course materials.

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