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Scenario. You are marketing a new  consumer Rhode Island (connected)  product.  It is an apple cake made from Rhode Island native apples.  This apple cake is made from a unique blend and combination of RI native  apples.  Other ingredients include organic sugar, organic flour, dried cranberries from local Cape Cod., Rhode Island native.local eggs.   You need to research to see how to best introduce be successful with  this product to your potential buyers.  
1.  List a form of secondary data that you could obtain    _____________________________________
2.  List questions that you can survey to conduct/obtain primary research .
(example   a..  How much would you be willing to pay for the product? (price)
                  b.  Where would you most likely purchase this type of product? (place)
                  c.  What variety of ingredients would you find best for this product?
3.  Who would you target?(be specific)

Social media ” has “many faces”  Some of us have used social media extensively….some of us are relatively new.   Please choose one type of social media and create a way to connect your new product to potential customers.   Depending on the platform chosen either creative a short video and include the link  or fully describe what you would do to connect your new apple cake to potential customers.   Incorporate specific marketing concepts within what you would do (which mode/platform) and be descriptive in what and how you would engage customers.

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