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Write about how John Marshall created the practice of judicial review in America as well as the legal culture as a whole for the United States. Talk about how he deftly “split the baby” in order to maintain respect for the Supreme Court as an institution and how he dealt with Presidents such as Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson.

Write an essay of at least three to four pages, double spaced 12 point New Times Roman font, discussing your thoughts on these readings. You may not collaborate with others.

If you cut and paste text, then quote, do not paraphrase with cut and paste as it tends to not work well and may cause plagiarism allegations. Proper paraphrasing is best done by reading text on one side of your screen and writing on the other one. If you need help ask a librarian. All papers must be submitted on D2L under Assignments and will be screened by Turnitin. No paper copies will be accepted. You must also submit the Turnitin report in pdf or you will not receive a grade on the exam. The report may be submitted afterwards.

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