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Marx Dictionary

Dictionary. Throughout the term you must create and maintain a dictionary of key terms. I will provide you a list of possible key terms for each theorist and you will select a minimum of FOUR terms per theorist to include. (you may always include more). As you do the reading, look for definitions and examples of these terms. I will periodically check in with you to ensure that you are keeping up with this.
This is what each entry SHOULD look like, ideally: It will include the following elements:: (1) the theorist’s definition(s) of the term, with page numbers; (if this exists); (2) a paraphrase of the definition in your own words; (3) multiple (2-3) examples from the text of how this term is used, with page numbers; and (4) a brief evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of term, or a short description of where this term would be helpful. See the handout for more details. Each entry should be between 250-500 words. Please note that your terms must be in alphabetical order, not in separate sections by theorist. Because these dictionaries will be long, I would like single-spaced with narrow margins and 10 or 11 pt font, double-sided.

possible key terms: proletariat, capitalism, , mode of production, means of production, alienation, feudalism, historical materialism, class, labor power, free wage labor, primitive accumulation….

[MARX] Tucker, Marx-Engels Reader (2nd ed., 1978)

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