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Mass Shootings in the United States

1) In the research paper, you will conduct a study using a LOGISTIC REGRESSION statistical technique. You will need to obtain the data necessary to conduct the study.

                                    *SPSS Software is REQUIRED

2) The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan maintains a variety of datasets on criminal justice and other topics. These datasets are in SPSS format.

3) Should be organized in the following sections: abstract, background, data, results, conclusion, and references.

Just remember that while published articles have tables and figures integrated into the text of the manuscript, you submit a manuscript to a journal with the tables and figures after the references. Tables are first and then figures. You place (Insert Table 1 about here) in the manuscript to alert the editor where the table should be placed. A table is typically placed after you finished discussing it in the manuscript. It is the same with figures.

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