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Media Review

Select a film that depicts domestic violence. Alternatively, you may select a book or television show instead of a movie. Regardless of the medium of choice, it cannot be older than 5 years. Your medium must have come out in 2015 or after. 

After you have selected a film, television show, or movie, identify one character (victim of domestic violence) who will be the focus of your paper.
Compose a 6-8 page paper (not including title or reference page) which addresses the items listed in the rubric attached to this assignment.

Rubric includes
Summary of plot provide enough detail that a reader who has never seen the film will understand the story line, but be concise and limit the description to a few paragraphs (limit to one page)

Identify and describe the type(s) of domestic violence in the film. Identify the victim and the abuser, specifying the relationship that exists between the two.

List and evaluate the symptoms the character is demonstrating

Explain the domestic violence in the film from a systems perspective, drawing upon theories

Identify any pivotal moments in the film where intervention made or might have made a difference for your character

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