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Microsoft situation

Please use a simple English (not mother language)
Underline the most important parts
Prepare a short (1-2 pages / c. 300+ words)
Follow the instructions in the uploaded file and use only that article as a source.
The materials for the assignment are:

(1) an article from Treasury & Risk describing a specific situation confronted by MSFT, together with a report on what they did about it.  The project was successful in that it won the “GOLD Award” in last year’s competition for the Magazine’s Operational Excellence competition.

(2) An assignment sheet describing the specifics of how to compose and submit your paper on the topic  – including sample “prompting questions” to get you started.

the article is about MSFT confronting a specific risk and devising an internal strategy to control the consequences.  Your brief analysis and commentary about  the situation is solicited in the form of a short written response incorporating the “language” and “methodology”.

the second article called “Fragniere & Sullivan Estimating Risk” can also help to answer the questions. more details can be find in the file of the actual instruction.

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