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/ module 2

After reading Chapters 1 and 2, take some time to think about your experiences working on a team or group activity.

1 – Provide an example of a successful team or group* in which you have been or are currently involved.

2 – According to Levi (Chapter 1, p. 7), what type of group/team was it:  production, service, management, project, action/performing, or parallel?

3 – What was the purpose of this team/group? What was your role in the group?

4 – Tell us ‘why’ you believe the team was successful and link your comments directly to the text Chapters 1 and 2, including references to your readings by citing page numbers as it relates to your example. (NOTE:  If you are using an eBook, while it does not have page numbers, you still need to cite the text.  You can do so by using the following format:  “Levi, eBook, Section…”.)

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