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Module 4 Task 1

Read the designated page numbers found in NEA’s An Educator’s Guide to the “Four Cs.” Preview the document.At the end of each description, there are specific examples of how the Cs are integrated into various subject matter and grade levels.
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, pp. 8-11
Communication, pp. 13-16
Collaboration, pp. 19-21
Creativity and Innovation, pp. 24-26

Describe a lesson you experienced that involved at least 2 of the Cs from the above list.  Identify and describe the Cs in the lesson. If you can’t think of a lesson that involved any of the Cs, describe a lesson you experienced recently and include how you would have integrated two of the Cs from the above list (no more than half a page; refer to the examples at the end of each description from the reading for ideas).

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