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Module 7


A. ‘Medicines In My Home’ 

    A Training video via FDA’s CDER.

This can be found on the FDA website under the ‘Drugs’ tab

or via this link:

ALERT: Having technical difficulties accessing this training? Try a different browser!

Please follow the student guide! You must go through the entire video…do not skip!!!!!

Pay very close attention all the way through the video to the end and take notes.

Please use one page and create the following list, table, and summary:

 1. List the following abbreviations: 









   Again, this is a list!

   Next, do two things: A.) State what the letters stand for, and

                   B.) Briefly describe the entity and activities directly related to the abbreviation 

 2. Make a table and list different members of the family and then in corresponding cells state:

     who took what kinds of drugs, why they were taken, and the dosage.

    Remember…all I want is a table that is easy to cross-reference!

3. Please write a brief two-paragraph response. In the first paragraph describe the video. Then discuss it as an interactive learning tool for different age groups, and then, in the second paragraph, clearly state and then discuss your opinion of ways you feel the tool promoted your learning and then clearly reflect on the process and take a stance related to the effectiveness of this interactive video in your learning! 

Again, I only want three things: a list, a table, and a response.

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