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Module 7 HUM Discussion 4

Discussion 4
The Discussion Assignment

answer two of the following questions (one from each module), You may answer a third questions for up to 30 points extra credit!  If you use an outside source, be sure to mention what it was and where you found it.

(From Module 6) What do you consider to be the greatest environmental threat facing the world today? What sorts of measures need to be taken to counter it? What will be the major source of resistance to these measures?
(From Module 6) After reading about alternative energy sources, which do you think holds the most promise, and why? Are you aware of any alternative energy sources not discussed in the text? If so, feel free to comment on one of them if you feel it is something with greater potential than those discussed.
(From Module 7) Who should make the decision to terminate life support when a person is in a permanent vegetative state, and has left no instructions concerning indefinite prolongation of his or her life? Should government officials, elected or otherwise, have a role in making this decision?
(From Module 7) GM foods are sometimes derided as Frankenfoods. Is this a fair way to characterize them? Do you have any qualms about consuming GM foods, and if so why? What alternatives are there?

Answers to topic questions must be at least 100 words in length is cannot be made up.
Course Textbook: Society and Technological Change (8th edition) by Rudi Volti  ISBN: 978-1-319-05825-8

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