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Musical Instrument and Video

You will construct a simple musical instrument (for a child who is 4-6 years old) from a different culture, write a 3 length paragraph  and present the instrument as a video on FLIPGRID. Then in a future discussion, you will comment on several of your peers’ video. The completed instrument, the paragraph and the video.

Your paragraphs should include the following information:

1. History of the origins of the instrument

2. Directions as to how to create your instrument

3. A song, finger play, or other creative musical expression from the culture

4. Information as to how you would teach a group of VPK (4-year old) children how to use the instrument.

You will upload a video on Flipgrid in a separate assignment area. It will need to be less than 4 minutes and include the following:

1.Show your instrument and talk through how you made the instrument. Demonstrate how it works.

2. Give a brief history of the instrument

3. Teach song/ finger play/ creative expression OR explain/ give resource information (if not possible to teach) and explain how you would teach a group of 4-6 year old children. You may have accompanying music in the background– do the best you can with sound

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