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Narrative of an Artifact

perform a reflective analysis on an artifact in your life. Much as Julius encounters various artifacts (books, paintings, music, psychiatric theory, etc) and they inspire deeper thought and analysis, introduce the object and then tell its story.

I want the artifact to be an actual object (so, unlike Julius, this will not be a story that you hear, but rather an actual thing). I can be personal (a meaningful photograph) or public (a dedicated park, for example), but it should trigger some cascade of thought and reflection.

In the essay, first introduce and describe the artifact. What does it look (or sound, or taste) like? How carefully and minutely can you explain it – so that I, as the reader, have an image of it in my mind?

Then, move outwards. How does it make you feel? What associations or memories does it inspire? Then: what public importance does it hold? What does it mean to other people (those you know, or those you don’t)? What is the historical significance of this artifact?

By telling the story of the artifact, what larger stories and meanings are illuminated?

This paper should be written in the first person

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