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The world of professional nursing practice is always evolving to meet the dynamic nature of healthcare. Nurses are accountable and responsible for making decisions that are consistent with safe, competent, and ethical practices. Nurses also face a variety of complex issues that impact the delivery of nursing care. A professional nursing practice issue is any issue, problem, or concern that can impact a nurses ability to provide care that is consistent with professional standards and guidelines. Examples of topics are staffing ratios, violence against nurses, and the merits of a BSN degree. The final project for this course is a scholarly written formal paper that addresses a professional nursing practice issue of your choosing. You will use evidence based, peer-reviewed resources to support the multiple aspects of healthcare that connect to your nursing issue. Prompt :This project is a formal paper that addresses a professional nursing practice issue. After choosing an issue, use evidence-based resources to establish context for your issue in terms of legal, financial, ethical, and safety implications. Evidence-based resources should also be used to connect a conceptual model or theory, interprofessional collaboration, patient care outcomes, and recommended solutions to the issue. Databases within the Shapiro Library are excellent resources to identify current information on the issue. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Introduction a. Summarize a professional nursing practice issue to investigate its potential barriers to nursing development. b. Using at least two evidence-based resources to support the issue, validate the rationale for the issue selection. c. Appraise the evidence-based resources for their content and connection to the issue, noting any important findings that the authors present. d. Assess the scope and standards of professional nursing practice for their association with the issue. II. Impact on Nursing Issues a. Examine the legal implications of the issue on licensure and professional nursing practice. b. Analyze the ethical implications of the issue on professional nursing practice. c. Assess the relationship between the issue and aspects of finance within the healthcare systems. d. Explain how the issue improves or hinders the delivery of quality patient care. e. Articulate the nursing safety challenges associated with the nursing issue. III. Concepts and Solutions a. Assess the potential of interprofessional collaboration to provide beneficial opportunities for the issue. b. Articulate the main points of a conceptual framework or theory from outside of nursing and its applicability to the issue. c. Describe a nursing conceptual model or theory and its applicability to the issue. d. Evaluate nursing metaparadigm concepts as they inform the clinical practice solutions of the issue. e. Propose at least two evidence-based recommended solutions to the issue. IV. Conclusion a. Provide a comprehensive review of the professional nursing issue with a final analysis of its effect on advancing nursing practice

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