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Nursing Research Article

1.    Paragraph 1- Discuss the  Psychological Effects of Obesity  (health care problem/issue) amongst  adults in Unites states. It can be one or more effects. Cite at least one statistic and source that supports the problem.

2.    Paragraph 2- What behavior interventions, evidence-based initiatives, or possible solutions that may help to improve or resolve the problem? Cite at least one source that supports the suggested interventions.

3.    Paragraph 3- Prepare a PICOT question in this format (including the letters and parentheses) In ___________ (P), how does ____________ (I) compared to __________(C) affect ___________ (O) within ______________ (T)?  Please see WHAT IS A PICOT reference below

4.    Cite at least 2 sources in APA format (Authors, Year) in the paragraphs and reference list.

****Remember that in the body of the paper, do NOT use authors’ first names or initials and do NOT list the title of article or journal. Just cite the correct number of authors’ last names and year, with appropriate parentheses, commas, periods for et al., “and” in the sentence or “&” in parentheses.

***What is a PICOT? It is a format that can be used to ask the burning clinical question and guide the literature search. The letters stand for:
    P (Patient or population
    I (Intervention or issue)
    C (Comparison)
    O (Outcome)
    T (Time)

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