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operations mangment

Create an E-business:

Our idea is creating an e-business that is specially dedicated for organizing gifts and offering a package of cakes with flowers and it is decorated based on the customer’s preference. The products are time sensitive and should be delivered within a short time frame (0- 2 days max).

Topics Covered:
• Decide on the different products that you plan to sell.
• Develop your mission, competitive dimensions, order qualifiers and order winners.
• Develop a detailed flow chart for customer order fulfillment process.
• Identify the different factors that you are going to consider when choosing facility location (Head office & Warehouses) (Use Factor weighting method).
• Anticipate the demand for your products.
• Develop a breakeven analysis using the Excel template that is attached.
• Decide on a proper distribution and transportation model and illustrate how you are going to track its performance.
• Indicate your suppliers’ selection criteria.

Project Venue:
Open. You can choose to serve the local market (Dubai), regional market (UAE, any other country or a group of countries), or global market (continental or international).

Project Format:
The report should be concise and clear. You should follow the template that is provided in the attachment

The report outlines are suggested but not limited as below:

1. Cover page
2. Declaration of Own Work (see appendix 1)
3. Project abstract
4. Introduction
5. Analysis
6. Conclusion
7. Appendices (if any)
8. References (if any)

Page Limit:
Approximately 10-15 pages not including Appendices.

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