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Overfed & Undernourished documentary sick

Answer the following question


Please answer the following questions (please type)

1) Outline the variety of topics mentioned in the documentary that affect the physical, emotional and spiritual health of children and families.  Write as many as possible.

2) Would you send your son or daughter away in order to change the course of overall health?  Why or why not?

3) Who is PRIMARILY responsible for the over all physical, emotional and spiritual health of a child.  Please explain.

4) What did you think “nourishment” was before you watched the film?  How does the film define “nourishment”?  (think whole child)

5) What are the environmental (ecological) factors demonstrated in the film?

6) What keeps you from changing negative habits/values in your own lifestyle?

7) What keeps parents from changing negative parenting values/habits?

8) Make a list of reasons that parents may give you for not promoting physical activities in their families and cooking healthy and a list of practical and easy solutions that you would recommend (make a chart).

9) What would be the number one strategy you would recommend to a parent for managing the media of there young children?

10)  How did this documentary impact you?  What really spoke to you?  As an educator, a parent, a teacher, a community member?

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