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Formal Proposal Submission Guidelines:

The Formal Proposal for your project should include revised versions of the elements listed below.

  • Title Page
  • Statement of your Research Topic (present this as an Abstract, see the APA manual for Abstract formatting and placement)
  • Research Question to be answered
  • Literature Review – Remember: The header preceding the literature review is the title of your paper
  • Method (the header, Method, is to precede the following elements and is at the same heading level as the title of your paper)
  • Research Design
  • Sampling Strategy
  • Data Collection Instrument Summary (referencing appendix which includes your data collection instrument)
  • Data Analysis
  • Administration and Budget**
  • References
  • Appendix (provide a full copy of your instrument)

The proposal must conform to APA style and writing standards. While there is no formal required length for this proposal, a good target is 12 to 15 pages (including all of the elements listed above).

Checklist for Final Paper – General Feedback

  • Use your original words when not quoting or citing.
  • Should be written in 3rd person. This is a research paper (not an opinion paper NO I believe, I feel, I think).  Otherwise it comes across as opinion and full of bias.
  • Incorporate the feedback I provided in the draft (in paper mark-up, text comments, rubric)
  • All needs to be in APA format (review Writing Center Sample Paper attached to this post)
  • All Sources all scholarly (no Wikipedia)
  • Reference page should only contain sources that were used in the paper (remove any that you dont actually use as there is no reason to have them there).
  • Proofread!
  • **Administration and Budget Section: Describe the whos and hows of the administration of the program evaluation or needs assessment (under whose authority it will take place, the communication needs/plans, etc.). Create a projected budget. Include items related to personnel, materials, and other assets needed to do the research. A simple bulleted list will suffice, or you may prefer to use a table.  Provide credentials of the researcher and other relevant personnel. State your own qualifications for doing the research including both education and experience. Also present the qualifications of anyone else associated with the process.

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