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Choose one of the following statements (fill in the blanks) to use as your topic sentence. Next, follow it with several specific examples for support (development), stick to the topic (unity), and use transitions to make your paper flow smoothly (coherence). End your paper with a closing sentence that restates the main idea. Your entire paragraph should contain 8-10 college-level sentences. Follow MLA format: heading at top left, page numbers at top right, title, double space, etc. (See my video lecture on paper format). Use correct grammar and punctuation. If you have a question, ask for help.

__________________ is the ________________ person I know.
(For example, who is the laziest, nosiest, friendliest, hardest working, or funniest person you know? Use the Petes Sloppiness paragraph in the Week 1 writing notes as a model. Be sure to give several examples for support.)

Being a __________________ requires a lot of __________________.
(For example, does being a server at a restaurant require a lot of patience and/or physical strength, etc.? Be sure to give several examples for support.)

  3. I enjoy spending time at __________________ because _________________.

(For example, do you have a special spot at your house, in your yard, or on campus where you enjoy relaxing? Do you like going to Bonita Lakes to be outside or going to the mall to be around other people, etc.?  Discuss several reasons you enjoy your special place and/or what you do there.)

  4. ________________ is my favorite place to shop (or dine out, etc.).

(For example, what is your favorite store, online shopping site, or restaurant? Explain by giving examples of items you like to browse or purchase from this business, prices, products, service, etc.)

  5. Write about a topic of your own. Make sure that your topic sentence has a controlling idea (opinion) like the ones above and that you develop your topic adequately with specific supporting details.

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