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parent hood

In this module, we discuss the challenges and rewards of parenting. One of the biggest issues for parents is a significant decrease in marital satisfaction after having children. Specifically, 82% of parents report that they feel less satisfied with their marriage since becoming parents.

Identify 2 areas that parents can focus on to maintain a strong relationship [5 points for Content rubric criteria]
Discuss why you think those two areas are essential to marital/relationship satisfaction [5 points for Content rubric criteria]
Provide 2 concrete solutions with support from your course reference and credible outside source [5 points for each specific suggestion/10 points for Content rubric criteria]. Avoid saying “date nights” as it is often a bandaid solution. Instead, dig deep into why date nights are needed and address the daily issues that increase the tension and dissatisfaction.
If you’re not sure where to start, here are just a few of the many factors to consider. Please do not feel limited by this list! Research, maybe interview parents in relationships, etc.

The differences in sexual drive
Financial stress
Socialized gender roles  (i.e., emotional labor, unpaid labor, imbalance in childcare)
The loss of the “village” and missing social support in the individualized society
Note: Your course reference should be from the textbook or lecture, not the articles provided in the prompt. Show that you can make the connections between the course concepts and discussions. Your credible, outside source is something you find on your own, not the articles provided in the prompt. Show that you can conduct your own research and find relevant information to bring into the discussion.

Before you submit, did you

Review the Applied Activities Instructions and Rubric
Write a cohesive, organized (at least) 300-word response to the prompt above
Include 1 course reference (i.e., the textbook or lecture)
Include 1 credible, outside source (i.e., something that you find on your own and not provided through the course site or prompt)
Use in-text citations
Include a reference list
Proof-read your work

dont worry about the course reference. I will add one in later. Thanks

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