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Danay Sosa, 

Thank you to those who serve our country, giving their lives for our freedom. Today we remember them and extend our gratefulness and condolences to their families. 

PICOT: For pregnant patients, during weeks 38-40 of gestation, does screening for depression with the Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale, compared to current practice (postpartum period only), impact earlier identification and referrals to counseling in 8-10 weeks?

Discuss what you learned about the presentation from your readings this week. How will you incorporate what you learned about best practices for PowerPoint and professional presentations in your Project Implementation Presentation assignment and future presentations?

PowerPoint (PP) has become a popular tool for public speaking. It helps to guide the presentation by giving clues to what will be the next idea. Recent research focuses on the impact of PP on students and their retention rates (Gordani, & Khajavi, Y., 2019).   Best practices in PowerPoint are implemented during professional presentations by not having more than six words per line and no more than six lines per slide. Another crucial aspect of an appealing display is appropriate font size. The audience should be capable of following the slide without effort. Medicine is a field where PP presentations help lecture students successfully (Tarkowski, 2017). The PowerPoint is only a guiding tool and should not be used to read off the entire slide. I plan to incorporate these best practices when presenting my DNP project at a conference. Learning how to give in public can also help me improve my teaching skills. I teach electronic fetal monitoring, a class that lasts two 8 hours a day. This class tends to be boring, and it is because the presentation is crowded with many details. Even though the Association of Womens Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) owns the course, I could provide feedback on my new skills regarding presentations.

Share your implementation progress and any successes, barriers, or challenges you are experiencing with your project implementation.

Implementation continues as planned. As I mentioned last week, the staff is less resistant to the new intervention. Patients cooperate as they do not sense any difference from their prior visits. Screening has increased. An unforeseen difference from the planned implementation is that the front desk staff will help the patients obtain an appointment with a mental health provider. Finding and making an appointment for mental healthcare is an additional stress for a depressed pregnant patient. Assisting the patients in this process will allow for improvement in the postpartum depression incidence, which is what I initially set as my goal for this project.


Danay Sosa 


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