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Personal Ethics Statement (Workplace Ethics)

1.    Read Chapter 5 in Meeting the Ethical Challenge of Leadership.
2.    In the book, locate and complete Self-Assessment 5.2: The Self Report Altruism Scale  (completed assessment will not be submitted as part of the assignment).
3.    With clear, insightful critical thinking, reflect and answer the following questions:
a.    What does your score on the Self-Assessment 5.2 (on the page 429) reveal about your willingness to help others?
b.    Reflect on the article Workplace Helping: Interactive Effects of Personality and Momentary Positive Affect. Have you experienced an emotional change after helping someone? If you had a positive emotional affect did this encourage you to act this way again?
c.    How can you engage in more altruistic behavior?
d.    Explain whether you believe your identified changes in behavior impact the work ethics of others.
4.    Your reflection should include at least two scholarly sources.

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