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Personal statement- 1000 word minimum

Share experience as a Patient Care Assistant, attending nursing school while also enhancing your life by transforming lives around the community you serve.

Provide examples of how you embrace the Commonspirit Health (CSH) core values: Compassion, Inclusion, Integrity, Excellence, and Collaboration.

Describe community service activity involvement from 1/1/2019 to the present:

                    1. I was involved with American Red cross where I helped individuals who lost their homes due to natural disasters from Jan 2019-April 2020

                   2. I had a clinical rotation at Turning Point Center (TPC) where I performed Bp clinical and wellness activities days to keep the older adult population active. The people at TPC are technically homeless, but being there gives them the opportunity to have a roof over their heads and still perform ADLs (assisted daily living). From Feb 2022-April 2022.

Please describe how you are paying it forward with these involvements.

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