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Personal Statement

I’m an international student studying in a college and would like to transfer to a university intended to the major of early childhood and family studies with teaching and learning option.
Here are some facts about me:
I was born in Hong Kong and I’ve been studying there my whole life before I came to the U.S. and study in college. I’m passionate to stay with the kids and I have some experience volunteering with children and teaching students before. I was a Red Cross member in Hong Kong and I have some experience teaching children, I even got a certificate in youth service skills. Also, I’ve joined the reading buddy program in my high school, reading books for younger children to build up their reading and communication skills. I think I get along well with the kids.
I consider myself a good listener and a patient person. It’s my goal to become a teacher and I’ve always wanted to be a teacher since I was young. My kindergarten teacher inspired me and my experiences strengthened my idea of wanting to be a teacher. With this major, I hope to be an early educator or a pre-school educator. I’m a person who hopes to practice what I have learned and I would like to give back to society with what I have learned.

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