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Philosophical Argument

Oxsana is now 30 years of age and works at Deutsche Bank.  As a young woman, Oxsana pursued a BA in philosophy at the Freie Universitt Berlin, during which time she was actively engaged in the Green political movement, marching, protesting and working in Green party campaigns to elect Green candidates to the Bundestag (the German parliament).  Based on this data, rank the following options about Oxanas career in terms of their probability and explain that ranking:

a)  Oxana is a bank teller for Deutsche Bank in Berlin.
b)  Oxana is head of the industrial lending desk for Deutsche Bank in their Berlin based home office.
c)  Oxana is a bank teller for Deutsche Bank in Berlin, but spends her spare time working for Green causes like restrictions on industrial emissions of air and  water pollutants.
d)  Oxana has become a conservative economist in the CDU (the largest right-wing party in Germany) and consults for Deutsche Bank in their Berlin home office.

NOTE:  This assignment is designed to apply an epistemological deduction.

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